Turkish Paints Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish paints, Turkey paints manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality paints from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

BETEK BOYA SAN. A.S.        Türkiye     Engin EJDER    
s paints, construction paints, architectural paints, construction chemicals, thermal insulations, industrial coatings, furniture coatings, auxiliary products, interior paints, exterior paints, synthetic paints, wood paints, adhesives, water insulation products, mortars, ready to use mortars, mortar additives, tile adhesives, joint fillers, thermal insulation boards, thermal insulation adhesives, thermal insulation plasters, coatings, primers, meshes, paint, mortar, mesh, construction chemical, thermal insulation, interior paint, exterior paint, wood paint, coating, joint filler, adhesive, primer, construction paint, thermal insulation plaster, water insulation product, industrial coating, thermal insulation board, synthetic paint, tile adhesive, architectural paint, furniture coating, auxiliary product, ready to use mortar, mortar additive, thermal insulation adhesive
SARTAS BOYA VERNIK SAN. VE TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Akif ORHAN    
s paint, epoxy paint, exterior paint, water based paint, wall paint, putty, industrial paint, silicone paint, antibacterial paint, solvent based paint, intensive care paint, hospital paint, primer, silicone water based paint, interior paint, industrial paint, water based primer, water based putties, water based interior paint, water based exterior paint, synthetic paint, wall primer, polyurethane paint, antibacterial hospital paint, antibacterial intensive care, water based putty
AK-IS BOYA SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Melih İYİGÜLLÜ    
s aluminium, aluminum, exterior paint, paint colors, paint, wall paint, paint touch, painting, paint supplies, metallic paint, glass paint, marine paint, epoxy paint, roof paint, car spray, industrial paint, waterproof paint, house painting, rubber paint, boat paint, automotive paint, aluminum paint, paint store, house exterior, paint repair, interior colors, exterior wall, exterior paints, paint color, paints, wall paints, paint touches, paintings, paint supply, metallic paints, glass paints, mar, marine paints, epoxy pai, industrial paints, roof paints, epoxy paints, industrial paint, automotive paints, waterproof paints, boat paint, aluminum paint, house exterior, paint repair, exterior walls, car sprays, house paintings, rubber paints, boat paints, aluminum paints, paint stores, house exterior paints, paint repairs, interior color
CARAN KIMYA SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Birol CARAN    
s adhesive chemical, construction chemical, chemical agent, corrugated cardboard chemical, corrugated starch, dry strength polymer, liquid cationic starch, paper chemical, polymer, synthetic polymer, wet strength resin, concrete chemical, waterproofing chemical, insulation chemical, paint, resistance chemical, starch, carboxy methyl cellulose, optical whitening, retention chemical, slimicide biocide, antifoam, water treatment chemical
IZOYAPI YALITIM SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Ufuk KAYMA    
s construction material, construction product, terracotta, architectural mold, stone cladding, window profiles, door jambs, floor jambs, window frames, corner stones, profiles, decorative profiles, facade decorations, wall decorations, insulation materials, window stones, columns, tulle jamb, cornice, gypsum cornice, interior decoration, exterior, exterior decoration, paint, door, gypsum boards, suspended ceilings, doors, facade, windows, wall decoration, profile, construction chemicals, drywall, decorative products, membranes, paints, ceramic coating, stone coating, cornerstone, facade decoration, copings, keystone, door jamb, rockwool, exterior jamb, exterior cladding, window profile, insulation material, plaster, metal ceiling, decorative product, metal ceilings, decorative heat insulation board, decorative profile
s interior decorations, sidings, siding products, construction chemicals, thermal insulation adhesives, insulation plasters, decorative plasters, paints, building paints, interior paints, exterior paints, silicone paints, mouldings, patterned mouldings, exterior coverings, claddings, exterior claddings, patterned claddings, window frames, window heads, sills, window sills, decorative profiles, corbels, corner profiles, key stones, u profiles, columns, facades, external facades, interior d, interior decoration, siding, absorb, absorbtance surfaces, acrylic paint, adhesives, antibacterial joint filler, application area, art pearl, bitumen primer, building paint, chemicals, decorative plaster, epoxy, exterior paint, fixing mortar, glue, plaster, marble adhesive, granite adhesive, ceramic glue, insulation products, water insulation, liquid membrane, mortar, natural stone, gyps, gypsum, cement, epoxy primer, concerete plaster, sateen paint, sheating panels, sheating panel, silicone, thermal insulation, thermal isolation, water proof, water repellent, wooden texture panels, polymer, acrylic, joint filler, cooblestone, frame, window frame, grout mortar, bitumen, joint compound, paint, moulding, window sill, sill, key stone, facade, construction chemical, cladding, u profile, interior paint, joint fillers, column, corner profile, exterior cladding, insulation plaster, silicone paint, decorative profile, external facade, thermal insulation adhesive, corbel, exterior covering, siding product, patterned moulding, patterned cladding, window head, jambs, jamb systems, white cement, plaster of paris, pop cement, white mortar, gypsum powder, construction material, mortar powder, white gypsum powder, white pop cement
s epoxy, floorings, floor coverings, epoxy floor coverings, industrial floor coverings, decorative floor coverings, epoxy coverings, coverings, insulation products, insulation materials, paints, textured coverings, antibacterial coverings, antistatic coverings, chips coverings, epoxy paints, topic coverings, epoxy topical coverings, polyurethane coverings, polyurethane concrete coverings, concrete coverings, metallic epoxy coverings, 3d coverings, 3d floor coverings, clear coverings, clear floor c, paint, epoxy paint, ceramic adhesives, insulation material, acrylic paint, acrylic paints, industrial paints, flooring, floor covering, grouting, ceramic adhesive, primer, primers, industrial paint, covering, insulation product, concrete covering, epoxy floor covering, anticorrosive primers, epoxy covering, industrial floor covering, anticorrosive primer, groutings, surface protectors, surface protector, sheathing products, road line, decorative floor covering, road lines, clear floor coverings, loft floor coverings, pathlines, white lines, jacketing products, topcoat paints, oven-dryings, textured covering, antibacterial covering, antistatic covering, chips covering, topic covering, epoxy topical covering, polyurethane covering, polyurethane concrete covering, metallic epoxy covering, 3d covering, 3d floor covering, clear covering, clear floor covering, loft floor covering, pathline, white line, jacketing product, sheathing product, topcoat paint, oven-drying
CETINLER KIMYEVI MAD. VE BOYA LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s chemicals, chemical materials, building chemicals, paints, building paints, wall piants
GOKAY BOYA VE KIMYA LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s paint, paints, dye
AKZO NOBEL BOYA SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye         
s paints, lacquers, antifouling-foul release, coil, concrete repair and protection, corrosion protection, immersed conditions, corrosion protection
POLIRENK BOYA LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s paint, paints, paint product, paint products
CAGLAYAN AHSAP YAPI AKS. A.S.        Türkiye         
s kitchen hardware, bathroom hardware, luminaires, project consulting, site consulting, technical support, one-stop solution, lighting, communication, elevator, building automation, pipes and tubes, water treatment, pure water facilities, heating and ventilation system, paints, building chemicals, insulation, doors, windows
CETIN TEKSTIL BOYA LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s paint, paints, painting, painting product, painting products
IPEK BOYA        Türkiye         
s paint, paints, paint product, paint products
BAY TAS BOYA TEKSTIL A.S.        Türkiye         
s paint, paints, paint product, paint products, painting industry
CBS SATIS VE PAZARLAMA LTD.        Türkiye     Konur Sipahi    
s paints, building paints, interior paints, exterior paints, synthetic paints, construction chemicals, housepaints, interior wall paints, exterior wall paints, wall paints, ceiling paints, primers, interior primers, exterior primers, interior wall primers, exterior wall primers, fillers, undercoats, primings, thinners, paint thinners, foam paints, auto polishes, silicone paints, silicone liquid polishes, silicone auto polishes, paint, building paint, interior paint, exterior paint, synthetic paint, construction chemical, housepaint, interior wall paint, exterior wall paint, wall paint, ceiling paint, primer, interior primer, exterior primer, interior wall primer, exterior wall primer, filler, undercoat, priming, thinner, paint thinner, foam paint, auto polish, silicone paint, silicone liquid polish, silicone auto polish, interior wall paints
s clothings, garments, fabrics, home textiles, underwears, socks, yarns, towels, carpets, jeans, uniforms, pyjamas, food processing machineries, metal processing machineries, machineries, machines, packaging machines, production lines, plastic processing machineries, textile machines, machine parts, machine tools, auto spares, automotive spares, auto parts, automotive parts, edible oils, foods, foodstuffs, beverages, vegetables, fruits, biscuits, chocolates, confectioneries, pulses, spices, dairy, chemicals, turkish delight, elevators, cement, flour, construction materials, doors, dairy products, sanitarywares, paints, meat products, siding, sandwich panel, export
CAGDAS BOYA A.S.        Türkiye     Mehmet MERCAN    
s paints, decorative paints, road marking paints, road paints, marking paints, industrial paints, heavy industry paints, floorings, floor coverings, primers, paint, decorative paint, road marking paint, road paint, marking paint, industrial paint, heavy industry paint, flooring, floor covering, primer
PINTURAS AYELENSES, S.L.        İspanya     Antonio    
s paints
MAVRO CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS        Irak     Twana Zahawy    
s paints, flooring epoxy, tile adhesives, concrete repair